A friend made this in Procreate on her iPad! It’s a bee (my friends who know me as “BinaryDigit” call me “B” for short), there is binary code on the bee’s body, and the wings are in the shape of a “b” and a “d”. It’s such a sweet and cute “thinking-of-you” gift for no reason at all! 🥰

A hand drawn logo containing a black and yellow bee in a blue hexagonal shape.

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Beep boop…

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New phone, who dis?

I’d really like to try doing a photo challenge a day for October, since I got the new iPhone 15 Pro Max which is a delight, and it’ll be a fun-busy month for me since I’m going on vacation and traveling. Does @challenges do a photo challenge each month (like Sept was) or different ones? 👀…

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Pixel 💕

I nearly lost my mind yesterday when regex saved me an hour’s worth of work. I use Sublime Text for my very basic stuff (text edits, code) and the expression <img.*" /> let me highlight all the images in my story, then remove them (which is what I needed). Thank you @adam@social.lol for the help!

A very short test of my new DJI Osmo Mobile 6 gimball with built-in video editor. This is going to be fun!

30 days until vacation! I’ll be headed to TwitchCon in Las Vegas and meeting up with friends I’ve kept in touch with over the years via discord and streaming. We have a good, small crew and look forward to meeting a few new faces!

Good morning and happy Monday 💗For this week’s goals I’d like to learn about voxel art, make a plan to stream at least one day a week, and get my head into thinking about what next job I might want to do as I’ve been stagnant for over 5 years at this one. I hope everyone has a great week!

We went to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit today! Lots of electric vehicles which was wild to see, but also pretty cool.

I’ve replaced the gate in both of my lever fight sticks, from square gate to octagonal. It should feel better to execute some moves now!